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Who is Dyrbar

My name is Roy and I am behind Dyrbar. I am a middleaged guy with a family of four who loves animals. We have been dog owners for almost 7 years.

I have grown up with animals. We have had cats and a buddy as pets. My parents come from different farms and during our upbringing, we got to know all the animals on their farms pretty well. 

We spent all our summer holidays with the animals on their farm. There were cattle, horses, chickens, pigs dogs, cats and rabbits  

However, I have always been of the opinion that I should never have a dog. But in the fall of 2013, my wife and I suddenly met a lovely little puppy of the Japanese Spitz breed on the street. We fell in love with the little puppy at once and decided that this was the type of breed we wanted to get.

The result was that Nemi moved in with us in March 2014, and it has been a fantastic journey together with her, both in good ways and bad ways.

Why did we start our website Dyrbar

Dyrbar means Precious in English. Through the years as a dog owner, trying to cater for Nemi´s needs as good as possible, we have had a lot of questions, of which some has yet to be answered. It has not always been easy to get the answers we were looking for.

During these years we have come to understand that being a dog owner is a lifestyle, and that something has to give, in order to provide for Nemi. All the needs Nemi has had related to equipment and services we should have known earlier and in more depth.

Vi har lett etter informasjon via mange kanaler bl.a. Internett. Mengden av informasjon har vært stor, men allikevel fragmentert fra de forskjellige informasjonskanalene. 

We have been searching for information through a lot of channels, radio, tv, books, magazines, internet, dog clubs and veterinarians. But the amount of information has been huge, and it has been difficult to reduce it and organize it to be able to use it in a meaningful way. There has not been one single source of information that has been covering all aspects of the individual topics we have had questions about, which is kind of frustrating.

The lack of one single good quality source of information, a kind of hub, of all things related to your dog has been quite huge for us.

The purpose and idea behind Dyrbar

Our purpose with this website, Dyrbar, is to forward knowledge about dogs, dog equipment and services to other dog owners and where to find it. Further, we also want to share the life of our dog Nemi with others to enjoy. 

In doing this we feel that we will make contributions to a long life, filled with love and good health for our beloved pets.

yours truly


email: roy@dyrbar.org

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