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Nemi moved in with us 31. March 2014. An incredibly cute, little bitch of the breed Japanese Spitz. When she walked in the door in the middle of the night after a long car ride from Telemark, I thought back 3-4 months in time. Then it was not at all relevant with a dog at all. And here we were, my family, with a new family member.

So incredibly small when she arrived

The dog equipment she brought with her from her original home was not much, two toys with the smell of her mum, and a blanket with the same smell. In addition, he brought with him a folder with lots of information and personal data.

Her body was filled with wonderful and overwhelming feelings of care for a little furry dot, but you world how tired we were and had we provided her with the necessary equipment for the dog that she needed?

A short story

We thought we had prepared well enough for Nemi to come home. But in the name of hindsight, we quickly discovered that there had been a lot more equipment that would have been great to have. Little by little, more was bought. Websites were scoured for equipment for dogs, lots of pet stores were visited. Dog owners we met on walks with their dogs were asked, not least during veterinary visits, there were many questions.

The questions were about what one had to think about next when she gets older and finally an old lady. The information was there, it was just difficult to gather and obtain. There was an abundance of poorly designed websites with incomplete overviews. The amount of divergent information from information channels that should have knowledge of correct and relevant facts related to dogs and not least the breed we had chosen, was mildly frustrating. At this point, I got the idea to gather information and make it available website.

Now the idea of DYRBAR has finally begun to materialize in the form of the website Dyrbar.no.

Our dog – Nemi

Nemi is the light of our day. She is our heart medicine. A small four-legged friend of 6.6 kg with lots of beautiful fur, soft as cotton. She is a determined lady who has her routines we must follow. She is full of fleas, a little splashy and quite shy towards both humans and other dogs. She needs some time to get comfortable with those she does not know, but you world so playful and good she becomes when the barrier is broken. A treat or two are good bribes.

When we wake up in the morning she comes up to us in bed and wants to cuddle. She lies close to us and wants us to scratch and massage her. It’s absolutely amazing to see how she puts her head on my wife’s arm and looks at her and then she’s going to play some hide and seek in bed. One can not get in a bad mood from such a reception reading in the morning.

At the end of the working day, when you get home you are attacked by this lovely little lump of fur. She literally takes off completely and makes “helicopters” on the ground, she jumps and does several 360 degree rotations of joy when you get home. If you have gloves on you will disappear quickly, she in front at full speed with you running after. She stops and looks at you, “are you coming soon?” Just before you reach her, she snatches her glove again and rages on.

If you have a bad day and are sad, Nemi notices this and comes to comfort you. If you are ill, she will understand and come to you and want to comfort you. If there is a bit of a tubular home with quarrels, as there sometimes is, she intervenes to calm us down.

The idea behind Precious

We want to share our experiences in being a dog owner. We have had a dog for a little over 6 years and it has been an adventure for better or worse. What strikes us when we think back on the first day with our dear Nemi is how fast time has passed. We felt we were pretty well prepared before we picked her up. The breeder, Kennel Dunlin gave us a lot and good background information. This made us feel confident in the choice we had made after all, but this was very new and unknown anyway.

The experiences we have had in terms of the need we have and Nemi has in terms of equipment, care and nursing, we want to share with others. Furthermore, it has been a pretty big surprise how other dog owners we meet on tour behave. There is a great lack of knowledge about how one’s own behavior is transmitted to one’s dog. It has also been surprising how people you meet do not listen to your requests as a dog owner about things you must not do. It goes on everything from giving the dog treats it should not have, disturbing in the play / activities that the dog engages in and not least disturbing the dog when it has retreated to rest.

The way forward

On these pages, articles will be posted about the days with Nemi, experiences and experiences, as well as how what we have of equipment and what we provide for her works. It will also be written about equipment we do not have ourselves, but which looks interesting or has received good reviews. In some of the articles and posts on the blog, there will be links to websites that sell the equipment mentioned or similar equipment and possibly. relevant services, as well as websites that test and compare equipment for dogs. This means that if we link to a website, we get a small percentage of the traffic to the page or possibly. sale. The revenue will mainly go to the operation of this website. What is important to us is a genuine desire to share experiences and knowledge that benefit other dogs and owners.

Feedback – Rice and Praise

Dyrbar.no is dependent on information for the website to be rich in content with quality content. In that sense, feedback is a good channel. If you who read the blog have feedback, these are welcome. We want constructive feedback. We want to emphasize that we are not professionals in any way, nor specialists in the field, and that it is our own opinions and assessments that are reproduced. Our motto is that we learn as long as we live.

Who can say no to such a face?

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