Care and grooming for dog owners

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Nemi Dirty

There are many things to consider with a dog in the house. It can get a little messy and dirty at times. Nemi, who is a bitch, is in heat twice a year and sometimes needs panties and sanitary pads during that period. Nemi is shedding fur two times a year, and during that time there is everywhere, lots of it!

With a puppy in the house, the puppy must learn to do things outside, but “accidents” happens sometimes,  until your puppy is trained to do her stuff outside. Trimming the puppies claws, bathing and trimming of the fur, is also something the puppy should get used to.

Grooming and care for dog owners can be turned into a science if desired. There is a large selection of products to choose from. Our experience from living with our Nemi, is that her needs dictate what equipment you need to buy for her.

Dental Health and Cleaning of Your Dogs Teeth

Petosan Finger Toothbrush for Dog

It cannot be overemphasized how important dental care is for your dog. There are many dogs that struggle with tartar and poor dental health and all this entails. People usually brush their teeth several times a day, use toothpicks, dental floss and often mouthwash. The dog must have equivalent dental care.

How to do this in practice. This depends on the dog and what it eats. Our dog mostly only eats dry food, but gets some vegetables as well. She loves cucumber, carrot, apple, banana to name a few. In addition, she is a cheese monster if she is allowed. The only time she goes for a little bit of cheese is if she has been very good with some activities. Beapher Toothpaste for Dogs

What we struggle with is tartar. She tends to get tartar. Because of this, she goes to the dentist once a year for a check of teeth and removal of tartar. a relatively expensive affair, but so far we have not found an alternative that prevents the problem.

We have the following procedure in the evening for her:

First toothpaste on her brush, she smells like licking it, then brushing the largest teeth on each side and front of her mouth. This is followed by a finger brush which allows us to get some proper mechanical removal of plaque on her teeth. Finally, we give her a drop of Tropiclean FreshBreath on each side of her mouth. This removes bad breath and should be proactive against tartar.

We use this and are happy so far:

  • Toothpaste – Beapher Toothpaste for dogs
  • Toothbrush – Trixie double brush for dogs
  • Finger brush – Petosan Finger brush for dogs
  • Tropiclean FreshBreath Toothpaste for H

We’ve tried chewing gum from Aptus and BAptus Bucadog Chewing Gum

eapher Dental Nuggets before, but it was of minimal interest to her. She took this with her to her cuddle place and chewed on it a little, max 5 minutes, and then it was history. Furthermore, we have tried Plaque-Off, but Nemi realized that we had had this in her food and then she will not eat. Then we stopped.

We also give her Dentastix which she is completely crazy about. Do not know if this product has the function it is advertised for, but have not seen anything negative about Dentastix anywhere.

I know that other dog owners have had success with both stockfish and other things that provide mechanical removal of coating on the tooth. Stockfish do not work on our dog, as she throws up this raw having eaten stockfish. She is also not that fond of gnawing on hard rubber toys or the like.

I will come back about dental care in a later article.

Dog bags and urinals

Dog bags are a big consumption. Fortunately, there is less need for urinating as time goes on.

Dog bags are really a bit of taste and pleasure. They come in infinite number of varieties of colors, designs, sizes and quality. Try it out. often the bags on Rema1000 or Kiwi are just as good and they are cheaper than most other places.

One thing said if can be smart is to get a dog bag holder, if you use Flexi leash. We have such a band from Flexi. It is possible to attach a dog bag holder to the handle. Super practical as you always have dog bags with you and do not have to suddenly discover that there were no bags here when the need arises.

Puppy mats, exercise mat, pee pad or puppy cloth. Dear child has many names. This is a moisture-absorbing small mattress / mat that you teach the puppy to pee and do outside. Has several suppliers, in several price ranges. These can be bought in regular pet stores or at the pharmacy. At the pharmacy they are called something else, as they are meant for humans, but one is really the same product with exactly the same function.

Fur care – brushes, comb, card and a small pair of scissors

Brush for dog

Nemi’s breed, Japanese Spitz, has long-haired fur and needs some loving care on a regular basis. Still, it has surprised us that the coat is as easy to care for as it is. Dirt and dust “bounce” off when it dries. If it gets a little too much, of course she has to take a shower.

We have a small selection of brushes, cards and combs. Some work better than others, and some have proved completely useless. Her fur should not be cut, but must be trimmed in some places for aesthetics and not least her well-being.

Nice comb for Dog

After a while we have ended up with 3 cards in different sizes, where the largest is no longer used, it is too big. The middle one is used on the large areas such as the back, and each side. It can be used on the tail as well. The smallest card is used on the other areas of the body. It provides better control on the removal of loose fur and undercoat.Card for dog

We use the comb for finishing, plus the fur around the ears which can get a little messy. We have both a fine-combed comb and a slightly coarser one. Be aware that it can sting a little. Not particularly popular with Nemi.

Claws – fight or cuddle time

A simple ball pliers is important in the arsenal of equipment for dog care. It should be of good quality and sharp. This is the pliers we use. It was bought from the vet we use. Do not forget blood-stop powder in case one is unlucky and cuts too far into the claw. Deet bleeds a lot.

Detergent for removing odors and stains

There are many alternatives to such remedies for removing odor after the dog. We have not used any special means for this other than regular cleaning agents for bathrooms and kitchens. It has worked fine for us.

The only thing to be aware of is that common cleaning agents can intensify the odor instead of removing it. Then you quickly end up in the situation where the dog goes back and does in the same place again. Nemi is a bitch and does not have the same marking needs as a boy dog. She has also not marked anywhere inside so this is not a problem for
us. GET OFF Outdoor for Dog

I have tracked down some special remedies online that remove odors and stains and that are interesting to try out for us who have Nemi as well. One of these is GET OFF Indoor and GET OFF Outdoor. These two have a repellent effect as well. The products also work on cats. GET Off also has another outdoor product that we use ourselves and are very happy with, GET OFF Crystal. The only negative is that the crystals remain for a while after use and the effect is gone. It does not look pretty.

K9- ECO POWER DETERGENT – «A detergent from K9 that effectively removes odors from all possible materials such as sportswear or horse blankets».K9 Eco Power Detergent for dogs

This product has piqued our interest in washing blankets, rugs, dog beds and more for Nemi. It is inevitable that at times there is an odor here and there. Nemi is everywhere and loves to be outside and then is happy to bring some dirt and more. It settles down a bit. It is not always enough with a sink for the mats and blankets Nemi has used to be completely clean and odorless.

Dog hair everywhere – how to remove these

If you have a good vacuum cleaner, it can of course be used. Then you have to change the filter often and it is a lot of work to get rid of hair with the vacuum cleaner Several brands offer their own models for those who have pets, including Miele. I do not know how they are in practical use

Another solution is clothes rollers with double-sided tape. Works well, but is not as practical to use. Can be bought almost anywhere. We recently bought this “Record Hair Removal” and it is absolutely super. It is easy to use and nice to have standing in front. Then it becomes easily accessible and used for the purpose.

Dog mat – a blessing

Clean Paws Hundematt

A highly recommended acquisition. Super at the front door and patio door as it absorbs moisture and dirt from the dog when it has been outside. Prevents large amounts of dirt and gravel from entering the rest of the house. We have had several, and buy a new one when it is worn out. The one we have is from Clean Paws, and costs around 400, -.

Some thoughts at the very end

The need for equipment for health and hygiene for your dog develops as you get to know the dog better. Part of what is discussed in the post is equipment we have ourselves and which works well. The other equipment is equipment that has aroused interest that will be tested on occasion.

You do not have to buy expensive. The most important thing is that it works and is of good quality.

Take into account your dog breed’s need for specific equipment. For the breed of Nemi, one should in principle not cut the fur, unless there are completely specific reasons for it.

Hope the advice and experience can help other dog owners and future dog owners.

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