Nemi our dog – first act

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Nemi just moved in

This little charmer moved in with us 31 March 2014. A little cotton ball on four legs that fit in my hand. We came home in the middle of the night after a long trip to Kennel Dunlin in Telemark to pick her up. When we got home, there was a petty and tired puppy looking around and wondering where am I now?

Although the wait before we could pick her up felt velding long, Nemi, our dog, was finally here with us.

Dad doesn’t want a dog.

We weren’t going to have a dog, or rather, I didn’t want a dog. Having grown up with a cat and a paralysed with the obligations this entailed, I did not want to have that responsibility left with new pets. The timing was also not optimal, since they were all very busy with activities. The rest of the family, however, thought that there couldn’t be so much work with a dog? It was just supposed to have food and aired a little sometimes. Soft Heart

I have a soft heart both for children and animals and have always wanted one or more pets, only the time fit well. I also saw that our kids could benefit from growing up with animals in the house. So after a lot of thought and reviews over the course of a year’s time, I was on the slide, but with some assumptions.
  • The dog should be as allergy friendly as possible.
  • Everyone should take their share of responsibility for her airing.
  • Everyone had to help activate the dog.

This was all 4 agreed on, before we got Nemi home. But.. Who was it the kind of thing that had to go out in the middle of the night, early morning and late night, the dad.

The choice of type of dog and dog breed

What kind of dog should we decide? Should it be small, medium, large or huge? Should it be just a pet or should it be used for use as hunting, dog sledding, visiting dogs or similar?

Large dog is equal to major changes in other fields. We had to have changed cars, among other things. The kids wanted pitbull, greenland dog, malamut or similar. These are great dog breeds, but demanding and I was definitely not ready for any of these breeds. Maybe later with a little older kids. Not that this could not have worked, but the challenges of a demanding dog seen in view of other considerations at this time, made this a clear no on my part. His wife also agreed.

A medium or slightly smaller dog would be fine.

We were allowed to “borrow” Luke, a Cairn Terrier, by some friends for a few days. An absolutely lovely little gentleman, with some race-specific needs we did not want to have in our choice of dog. His visit was a great experience. The kids are fighting to walk him and he really enjoyed himself with us. This certainly seemed promising.

Nemi at the kennel

The choice eventually fell on The Japanese Tip Dog. My wife and I were at our dentist for an annual check-up. When we came out of the dentist, and were going to the parking lot, it passed past us a lady with a puppy of the breed Japanese pointed dog. My wife and I almost exclaimed in unison, there’s our dog! And thus it became a Japanese Pointed Dog! The kids thought it was ok, thank god for that.

The first time – weeks of little night sleep

The first time nemi went in express train speed dessverre.VI hardly got a sigh for us until the little cotton ball had grown a lot.


Time went to training to go to the bathroom outside, wash feces from the floor and elsewhere. Vomiting was also a bit of a boost after a bad stomach from digging in ditches and flower beds, as well as interesting food leftovers that ended up on the floor.

I can’t remember all the times I put my legs on the floor in a wet puddle of urine. Little friend had tried to tell her she had to go to the bathroom. But because of the late reaction of an over-tired dad, things went wrong. Eventually, the training began to yield results. More and more we had time to go out so that she got peed and done away outside. And the number of puppypads beyond the floor was steadily diminishing.

need to go - puppypads

A little comic thing in this was and see how she had tried to find herself a secluded place to do away with. This was under the desk, behind the computer and other places that stood on the floor. There were remains of small ponds of urine as well as some other business cards.

Food chaos and frustration – why doesn’t Nemi eat

In her time as a little puppy, it was difficult to get her to eat well. We had to trick into her food to begin with banana, pineapple and blueberries. This was advice we received from our veterinarian. We quickly found out that it was okay to mix liver mail with her food to make her eat. We were advised to only use Royal Canin dry for her. There is very good quality on this foret and this is what she was used to. We have continued with Royal Canin and are very happy. There’s been a little shift within this dog lining when she’s grown tired of the taste.

The times she has needed a veterinarian we have also been recommended Hill’s Pet Nutrition to get started with eating after examination and surgery

First puppy course – notice and socialization – other dogs to play with – exciting!

As time went on, it became time to start with some structured training. The desire was to teach her to come to the notice, stay seated and general socialization with other dogs. After searching a little online, we found several course offers. The best way to make sure that we had the best time, place and price was a puppy course organised by the Norwegian Dog School.

The course was good and the implementation good. The instructor had a good arrangement that both our Nemi and the other dogs mostly responded well to.

What, however, became a small wake-up call for us I think was that really were us dog owners who needed the course and not Nemi or the other dogs.

Later, in increasing numbers, other providers of dog courses have emerged. Some of these are the Canis Academy, the Norwegian Behaviour Group for Corporate Animals, Catch Dog Training and BRA Dog Training to name a few.

V has only experience with the Norwegian Dog School. Those mentioned above have their own websites with a lot of information. In a later article I will approach dog training and what a small selection of providers have of course offers.

The first half with Nemi was over and that train went horribly fast

The first half of the year with Nemi went terribly fast and tilted she wasn’t that small anymore. When the summer holidays started, she had turned into a little young and terribly sweet lady who charmed everyone down. She stole gloves, socks and shoes and loved to mess in flower beds and to play with sticks.

Some summer holidays with travel activity didn’t on me. Since Nemi was only 6 months old, it was too early to think about flying with her. I stayed at home with her for Norway. We went on our own expeditions in the local environment and on the mountain.

The rest of the family went home to his wife’s homeland to have a summer vacation with their mother-in-law and father-in-law.

This was a small introduction to a small but big personality. A small four-legged friend with an incredibly big heart and caring for his “flock.”i am coming to get you

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