The Best Harness For Your Best Friend – Julius K9 IDC Dog Harness

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We use a harness on our dog Nemi when we go for a walk. The harness works well, but Nemi can suddenly wriggle out of the harness. Due to this, we are looking for a new and better harness for her.Julius-K9-IDC-Sele

In this product review, I take a closer look at a dog harness that is both robust and comfortable for your dog.

The choice of this product for the review has been done on the basis of all the good feedback from other users and websites.

Almost all conclude that this is one of the best harnesses for your four-legged friend-Julius K9 IDC Dog Harness.


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Why a Dog Harness Can be Good for Your Dog

There can be several reasons why a dog harness is better than a collar in daily use and for special situations.

In general, a harness fits better than a collar since the strain on the dog’s physique is completely different from a collar.

There are several types of harnesses. Some are for normal use and some are special harnesses for sled driving, dragging a pulk, and possibly for training the dog pulling you on cross country skis.

Some dogs pull and jerk a lot on the leash. A harness can help reduce and possibly eliminate this, and the dog will behave better. Further, with a harness, the problem of strangulation of the dog will not be present if the dog starts to pull.

Factors that speak in favor of a harness include:

  1. The harness does not choke the dog
  2. No effect on breathing
  3. Neck injuries are virtually eliminated.
  4. With a harness, the dog automatically walks finer with leashes

What kind of harness is the Julius K9 IDC Dog Harness

In the article on car safety for dogs, a test of dog cages and harnesses for use in cars was mentioned. That test states that dog harnesses for use in cars are not a good solution.

The only thing that provides enough Safety for car use is a dog cage that has been tested and approved. Nevertheless, dog harnesses intended for car use can be great harnesses for everyday use.

Julius K9 IDC Dog harness is a harness that you fasten around the chest and belly of the dog. By securing the dog in this way, the dog gets the load mainly over the sternum which is the strongest point of the dog.

. Furthermore, the dog harness can be secured with an I-strap or a Y-strap. The straps ensure maximum comfort for the dog by the harness being positioned correctly on the dog.

Julius K9 Y-stropp

Julius K9 I-stropp

Julius K9 IDC Dog Harness is a harness of good quality and is robust for daily normal use. It is easy to put on and easy to adjust. In addition, it has a handle on the top of the harness that makes it easy to hold the dog back or lift it quickly over obstacles or the like. The attachment for the leash is on the front of the K9 harness.

Adaptation of the dog harness – 2 simple measuring factors gives you perfect size

To find the right size for your dog, measure the widest part of your chest. Do not tighten the measuring tape, but hold it just the right amount. Where is the widest part of a dog’s chest? You can usually find it by measuring directly behind the armpits.

Weigh your dog so that you also have the weight of the dog
Use both of these measurements to find the right size for your dog. Should you be unlucky and the measurements are between two sizes, choose the larger size.

Some Final Thoughts

Julius K9 IDC Dog Harness is a solid product that is comfortable and safe for both dog and owner. The product comes in many different colors and the handle on the top of the harness is an added bonus in my opinion which makes it easy to control the dog or help the dog if needed.

Julius K9 IDC Dogharness




Product Material


Ease of Use


Breathable and skin friendly


Shatterproof and crash-proof click lock



  • Ergonomical
  • Robust
  • Grab Handles
  • Easy to Put On
  • Possibility to Attach Accessories


  • Material of the Lock Made From Plastic
  • Not Suitable as a Car Safety Belt

8 thoughts on “The Best Harness For Your Best Friend – Julius K9 IDC Dog Harness”

  1. Hi, I liked the article and it reminded me of how fun it is having a dog as a pet. I often thought that guide dogs wearing the harness wouldn´t want to help or do the job if they were being pulled around on a normal leash and collar. 

    Sure the dog is the owners pet but I believe that this fact shouldn’t allow the owner to put their pet under any stress or discomfort that may result from the strain on the neck of the dog wearing the collar when being pulled by the leash. 

    Thank you for bringing to my attention the Julius dog harness.

    • Hi, Mike. Thank you for your views and well-written thoughts about using harnesses and collars. It is sad to see dog owners pulling their dog around by the leash. No matter if you are using a collar or a harness, it is not a wise or a good method of getting your dog to do what you want. The keyword in this respect is training your dog. If you take time and train your dog, your dog will come to you easily when you call your dog in.


  2. Hello Roy,

    Glad to meet Nemi. Hey Nemi! You are really Dyrbar.

    I also prefer harness than a collar. And I find Julius K9 IDC Dog Harness to be the best product to use for our ‘best friends’. Dogs are faithful friends.

    A good quality and comfortable dog harness like Julius K9 IDC Dog Harness is the least we can buy for our four-legged best friends.

    More blessings to you and your family, and to you best friend Nemi.

    Thanks a lot,

    • Nemi is happy to meet you too 🙂 She is so friendly, funny and cosy, and she is the centre of our family. The K9 Harness is a very good harness and can be highly recommended and she deserves the best equipment we can afford to get her.

      Have a great day, Chuna.


  3. Thank you for this review of the Julius K9 dog harness. My dog is a rescue and I am tired of battling with taking him for walks. I have been using a choker chain but it has been so bad that I actually don’t want to take him anymore.

    I am definitely going to try this harness as it looks comfortable and easy to get into. I just hope that it is as strong and comfortable as it looks in the pictures. I have a tall skinny dog so which size would you recommend?

    • Hi, Maureen and thank you for reading the article. I must say that I am very happy to learnt that you are getting rid of the choker chain. It is not good for your dog. I think that if you combine a Julius K9 harness with a flexible strap, which gives a little when your dog starts pulling, you will see a big difference.

      Our dog Nemi has sometimes a tendency to pull, but when we switch to a dog leash that is flexible, she stops the pulling tendency and behaves very well. I think she feels that she has freedom even if she has a leash attaced.

      regarding sizes, you will find a great size guide in this link.

      All the best,

  4. Hi,

    From my experience, opinion and online findings about the topic the best harness for your best friend, Julius K9 was the first company in Europe to manufacture dog harness and many protective types of equipment for dog owners, Harness is been used on dogs when they go for a walk, harness fit better than a collar on dogs.

    Thanks for sharing.


    • Hi, Aluko. Thank your for taking your time to read and comment on the article. An interesting fact you have found about the origin of Julius K9 Harness. I was sure that the product was not that old but being 20 years old vouch for the company´s professionalism, staying in the same branch of business for that long.

      Regarding your comment about harness being better than a collar, this is true for most of the time. But there are sometimes a lot better using a collar instead. One the situation is in training your dog. A collar in such a situation could be beneficial. 



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