Neglect, poor dog welfare, and pet abuse

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Dog welfare

Dog welfare is close to my heart. You should show care and respect for life around you. This applies to pets, all wildlife, insects and plant life all over the world, in the forest, the sea, the fields and in the mountains, in other words wherever you go. Life has an intrinsic value in itself.

In these Covid-19 times, many have acquired pets. During the lock-down you have time for the animals. But what happens when things return to normal? When you yourself goes out to do different activities;what to do with your new pet then?

The available time to look after  the animal’s needs is radically diminished and can all quickly end with stress and hassle. In the end, this situation can get traumatic for the pet.

Over the past few years, an increasing number of cases of neglect, poor dog welfare and pet abuse have been seen in Norway.

Still I live after lying in a creek for 24 hours, taped up in a garbage bag.

Some weeks ago I was reading the newspaper at lunch for work. I suddenly came across an article i a newspaper that shattered my heart and my tears were running as I read. On December 6, 2019, a small dog was found in bad conditons near a creek in Asker. The circumstances surrounding this case are so grave that one cannot believe that anyone can commit such a heinous act.

The dog named Petter, was found in a black garbage bag. His legs and mouth were taped together and the black garbage bag was taped together. Some passers-by heard Petter alert whining and making sounds.

The investigation into this incident revealed that the dog, had been laying inside the plastic bag for 24 hours and fighting for his life.

Fortunately, Petter had managed to get out of the plastic bag but was still taped together. The case has been reported to the police, but they have not found anyone responsible for this ugly episode.

Cat with almost torn off legs and tail, with over 50 puncture wounds from barbecue skewers

On Facebook in week 26 2020, a friend of mine shared a recent story in which the cat named Kaffe, who lived on Simensbråten just off Ekeberg in Oslo, returned home despite having been abused in a particularly grotesque way. The post is cited here:

This is Coffee, the neighbor’s cat and our everyone’s caretaker. A bit reserved for us, but always partnering around communal property and yard. Now she no longer lives. Food Mom Line found her outside the house badly wounded during Saturday night. 

The animal clinic was shocked and sad to see that it had to huans who had done this. Some had held Coffee so hard that the tail and hind legs were almost ripped off.The perpetrators  had inflicted Coffee woth over 50 stab wounds from a pointed object, possibly a barbecue skewer.

Coffee´s life could not be saved. Words get poor when facing such evil, Can anyone who live at Simensbråten and Ekeberg recollect whether you heard or saw anything the night until Saturday? Ask the youth in the house who might have been out if they have seen or heard anything?

The incident has porbably happened sometime from midnight and onwards. Has anyone heard any cat wailing, noise and clamor that shouldn´t be there? Spread the word, and try to recollect if anything has been noticed. Because these people should be captured. Animal cruelty is one of the ugliest things that happens, and we know that in the next round, there may soon be human abuse from the same people that has done this.”

The cat had to be euthanized immediately due to the wounds it suffered after the abuse. No guilty persons have been found yet, but the case has benn reported to the police. A bounty of 10,000, – Nkr has been promised by the norwegian organisation, Dyrevernalliansen, for information leading to the case bein solved.

The number of cases of animal abuse and mistreatment is increasing

These are just two cases of intentional animal abuse. In the article on the case of the dog Petter, the national broadcating corporation( NRK )refers to figures from the Attorney General, where several hundred cases of animal abuse have been reported in recent years. Unfortunately, more than half of the cases were closed for various reasons. The reason for the closure is mainly lack of evidence.The dog Petter

Fortunately, there has been more and more focus on this growing problem. Animal police have been set up in 5 of the country’s 12 police districts and several more will be set up. Several organizations such as the Dyrevernalliansen, Dyrebar and Dyrebeskyttelsen, to name a few, are also working on such issues to protect animal welfare and safety.

What to do if you discover abuse and mistreatment of animals?

If you discover cases of animal abuse and mistreatment, you are obliged to notify about the conditions under the Animal Welfare Act, where Paragraph 5 states:

Ҥ 5. Notification

Anyone who has reason to believe that animals are subjected to abuse or serious failure regarding their environment, supervision and care, should notify the Norwegian Food Safety Authority or the police as soon as possible. The duty to notify applies with the restrictions that follow from other legislation.

Anyone who is aware that a greater number of wild or neglected animals are susceptible to illness, injury or other suffering beyond normal, should notify the Norwegian Food Safety Authority or the police as soon as possible. “

Contact information for the NorwegianFood Safety Authority can be found on their website. In case of an emergency that cannot wait, you can call the Norwegian Food Safety Authority’s emergency telephone:

Phone number: 22 40 00 00

For further information, visit the Norwegian Food Safety Authority’s website .

How to build confidence with and well-being for a dog who has been subject to abuse?

Abused dogs that have been rescued are often sent to a temporary home, a shelter, which takes care of the dog until new owners or an adoptive home is ready for the dog. The dog Petter came to Solplassen, which is one of the places who are taking in dogs that are being relocated and  have been abused or neglected. After a while, Petter got a new and good home that had dogs from before. Now he lives a great dog life with a lot of love and joy.

If you have a dog with a similar background, you have to provide regular routines, lots of fun, cudlling and love on the dog’s terms. This is some of the ingredients that is need to help giving an abused dog the confidence back. If the dog has become somewhat anxious after such treatment, natural remedies can be used based on the soothing pheromone D.A.P®. from bitches, to calm the dog down.

The product in question is Adaptil, which is a safe product that can be purchased from both veterinarians and several pet stores. It can be given as tablets, sprays or drops in the drinking water. The product is based on bitch pheromones that have a calming effect.

Another product that can help with anxiety is Thundershirt. This is a dog coat that “squeezes” the dogs torso and as such has a soothing effect. Thundershirt can be purchased from several pet stores and some veterinarians.

Some final thoughts

Unfortunately, violence and abuse are part of today’s society. Often this is inflicted upon those that cannot defend themselves good enough, and often this is done by people with a rather twisted view of life and self-esteem. The view of a pet is seen as a thing and not a living being with intrinsic value and needs that must be looked after. Pets are not a thing with what you can do as you please.

Over the past few years, animal welfare and animal safety have been given higher priority. With an ever-increasing number of Police Districts with their own animal police, more animals could be rescued from misery and escape cases like the two described earlier in this article.

12 thoughts on “Neglect, poor dog welfare, and pet abuse”

  1. Hi

    The most unruly and saddening thing for me to witness is animal abuse. I really don’t understand that we human beings can stoop to such a low level where we violently abuse these adorable and innocent creatures.  I totally agree when you say this is done by with a rather twisted view of life and self-esteem.

    I wish stricter laws should be enforced to tackle this problem as its on an increase thamn ever.

    Thanks for this great article. 

    • Thank you for your contribution and insight, Nick. In Norway, we are on the right track at the moment, as the topic is getting more and more focus from the law enforcement authorities and our government.

  2. This angers me ever time when I see news like this. Dog is the man best friend, why would these people do that to them? I do not even understand some people that eat the dog meat. 

    Poor Petter, at least he is with a good family now and no more suffering for him but what a terrible way to be treated. And that poor cat! Thanks for sharing the ways to help out these mistreated animal. 

    I will share your post to friends and family. 

    • Thank you for taking the time to comment. I am happy that the authorities are taking this seriously and try to do something about this problem. I am also grateful for the people that are taking in abused animlas and giving them the life they were meant to have.

  3. That is a very sad situation. You are definitely right it is going on in the world every where. This needs t stop.

    • Yes Billy it is sad. I cannot believe that people do stuff like this. Thank you for taking the time to comment. I highly appreciate that you have taken your time to comment.

  4. Hello Roy,

    Thank you so much for writing such an interesting and informative article on animal welfare. As an avid dog lover, I have grown up with them and have had many with of course each having their own unique individuality. Too many people who are not familiar with pets do not know or bother to research the responsibility involved and what it takes to maintain pets under their care. In the UK we are known Dog and Cat lovers and maintain it’s not the pets but their owners who require training. Abuse comes in many forms up to my last dog all mine have been thoroughbred. The previous one I got out of a dog pound and he was a Christmas present for two very young girls who soon tired of him and he was left alone at home all day with not much attention given to him. He came with psychological problems but fortunately, he was young and I managed to help him out of them and he lived happily well into old age.

    Thank you again for highlighting the issues surrounding man’s best friend despite our enlightened society many problems exist even though authorities are rightly taking even more of a role on welfare. Unfortunately, there is a long way to go in unenlightened societies so the battle goes on. Thank you again for informing people on the possible pitfalls and what to look out for so they recognise it in the event they can step in and help.


    • Hi Rami and thank you for a well-written contribution to the topic of the article. Thank you for sharing your own experience. I think the most common abuse when it comes to pets is the neglect of the animal people have taken into their home. As you write in your answer about the dog you got out of the dog pound, It is fun with an animal in the house for a short while, but soon the daily tasks of taking care of the animal’s basic needs become an unwelcome chore for many. The new “toy” isn´t funny anymore. As a consequence, it is the animal who suffers in the end. Roy

  5. Definitely, we have a saying a pet is not just for Christmas!! yet more animals end up in the pounds a couple of weeks after Christmas than any other time in the year!!

    We need to be more civil with each other first I think that is when we become enlightened enough to as a majority learn and take better care of our pets!!


    • I cannot agree more with you. We need to look at ourselves as humans and better ourselves before we take on extra responsibilities than we already have.

  6. Poor Petter :(. Who could do such a thing to that poor dog. This was such a sad article to read. The worst part about it was that some people can get away with doing things like this. I couldn’t imagine how heartbroken I would be if I work up one day to find that someone had murdered my cat, especially If it was in such a cruel way like whoever hurt Coffee. I think you are right thay whoever is capable of abusing animals is also capable of abusing humans. The same goes with murder. Many serial killers start out by killing animals and work their way up. Catching anyone who abuses animals is not only beneficial for animals, but also for humans they could’ve potentially harmed in the future. Thanks for spreading awareness of this topic.

    • Hi, Lex. This topic is as you say of very high importance, and should be prioritized to help to prevent such anti-social behaviour from developing further.  What is disturbing in this aspect is the ease of access to similar behaviour via the Internet. People who film their abuse and torture of animals and then post it on different social media for the fun of it is a serious problem. But I think that both people in general and the authorities are becoming more alert to the problem. In the meantime, we all have to be vigilant and alert to signs of abuse and not being afraid of informing the proper authorities to take action


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